Thursday, August 25, 2005

So I walk into the chapel...

This morning, I'm really feeling like I need to take some time out, and spend it with God. I've put in so much time blogging and e-mailing lately with people I disagree with theologically, people that I do believe are trying to follow God, but people that I also believe to be somewhat ignorant of Christian history, and very ethnocentric. And it's been killing me. Not just killing me what they're saying, not being open-minded and labeling other people who I ALSO believe are trying to follow Jesus, they just happen to be doing some different things... and by different, I don't mean THAT different.

But anyway, I go into our chapel, I take some time to pray, and I reach for a Bible, to read some... but they're only hymnals, and by "they're" I mean the 3 different books in the pews. Disappointed, I put them back, but reach down a few minutes later, why not, right? I mean, not the Bible, but still some good stuff, God can still speak through...

And I come to this one hymn, and I read it through, and I go, YES! This is what I needed to be reminded of, and this is what I need to write on, to share, if nothing else, here goes:

Stewart Cross, George Henry Day

verse 3

Holy Spirit, rushing, burning
Wind and Flame of Pentecost
Fire our hearts afresh with yearning
To regain what we have lost
May your love unite our action
Never more to speak alone
God, in us abolish faction
God, through us Your love make known

This is my prayer, for me, for us. May we be united through the Holy Spirit...


theonegoing said...

Times of silence and solitude often lead to moments like the one you had today in the chapel.

It amazes me that I never find anybody in the chapel praying or spending time in silence. We spend every minute of our day filling our brains with more knowledge but that knowledge is worthless unless we are guided by the Holy Spirit that you encountered afresh today.

We should go the chapel more often and spark a movement back to prayer. The reality is that more people go to Wawa than the chapel...

Juliabohemian said...

what a beautiful place to worship

joshua Cleveland said...


Great blog, bro. See you soon.


Mr. Higgins said...

Amen Don!

It is awesome to see how the Holy Spirit led you to such a great hymn/prayer.