Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The future...

So why exactly are we so enamored with the future? I mean, there are countless movies and books (yes, books still exist) that tell us what it will be like in 2040 or whatever. But at the same time, everyone seems to be concerned with their "next big thing" or the next election, or "next year's team". There is something in humans that search out the future.

I have been particularly looking into the future these past few days, thinking about what life will be like with a child (see pictures of pregnant Bridgette on the Coleman Photos link or this one). But on top of that, I've also been contemplating life beyond school (yes, I've only been here 1 year and I'm already thinking of getting out), life with a summer off (hopefully taking care of our baby fulltime, whoa!) and even once fall semester starts and instead of learning Hebrew vocabulary, I'll be holed up in the library, or my couch, reading stuff that I actually WANT to read. (My complete school reading list will eventually find its way onto this blog, rest assured - so that the 3 people that frequent this site can read along with me!).

But anyway, I find myself in general, being caught up, not in the moment, but in the moment to come. This is often a mechanism I use to procrastinate, and push off those things I should be doing. But at the same time, I feel that looking ahead helps you when you get there. What I do need to be careful of (in addition to procrastinating) is not being aware of the moment I'm in, not giving full attention to those who are in the moment with me, and to the God that is not ONLY in the future, but right here in this moment as well. My friend at Thoughts as I go has a great blog about this very topic here, so check it out.

Now, I must get back to the present, which still consists of Hebrew vocabulary. Of course, within a few short weeks, that will mostly be in the past, and the future, will be a present moment that I'll definitely need to take care of...

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