Monday, January 30, 2006

Tired But Spurred On...

Uh... yeah, this seems to be a theme, eh? Well, that's the way I'm feeling. Less than 3 weeks into this adventure and I feel like I'm constantly tired. Brennan sleeps pretty well when he lays on me, but that means I can't do anything. It's hard to type with one hand (but I'm learning) and as he rests on me, I end up falling asleep. Which fits because I don't get more than an hour (or two if I'm lucky) at a time at night.

But, as I checked out my former colleage and friend Rhett Smith's Blog the other day, I realize he's realigned some things so he's linked me as a "Theological Voice." Whoa! That's a lot of pressure. As I look at what I've written about, it's hardly been theological. But I know that's where I've wanted to take it. I'm here at Princeton Seminary and as my friend Jeff puts it "theologically drunk" I sometimes actually find it hard to put those thoughts down. But I'm trying. And there's been so much that I've been thinking about from last semester. So, spurned on by Rhett and those others around me at seminary, I'll try to jack myself up on enough coffee to make this blog a truly theological work...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The 2 Best Feelings in the world...

Since Brennan's birth, I've realized that there are 2 feelings in the world that surpass all others - at least for me. The first, and this one has been there for years, is being in church and having the freedom to worship God with every part of yourself. That is an awesome feeling. Now, I'm taking a class Worship in the Reformed Tradition and we're going to learn all about the wonderful blessings of orderly worship with the help of lectionaries, hymnbooks, bulletins, printed prayers & confessions, etc. But I have to say, that the worship I see in the bible... well, that's not exactly it. Worship that is done with abandon, in the freedom of the knowledge that God is so awesome that you need to bow down, raise your hands, shout, cry and everything in between just to begin to show God's worth... well, THAT my friends is an awesome feeling, and something for me at least that is TRUE worship.

Now, the second best (not necessarily second-best) feeling that I've discovered is the feeling of my son, resting on my chest. That is awesome. We can be lying down or sitting up - or even naked (almost) like in the picture (which evidently, mere minutes after it was taken, I felt something running down my stomach... YES, he peed through his diaper while laying on top of me - what a feeling!). But to feel this tiny little baby, whom I love so much, next to me, to feel his warmth, and know how much he needs me... it's just incredible. There is no way I can describe it...

Monday, January 23, 2006

All Done... now to begin again

A couple hours ago, I finished my TH330 - Lutheran and Reformed Confessions of the 16th Century, Final Paper. It's about 22 pages - whoa! And, given no restraint on length or time, I probably could've written a 40 page paper - quite easily. I had that much stuff. As it was, I only used about half my notes.

Anyway, it's done. I hand it in Monday, the first day of Spring classes. But I don't have Monday classes this semester (assuming I don't change schedules... and I sure don't WANT to).

So, I'll put together the appropriate changes for the blog shortly, when I get a free moment...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The more things change...

The more they stay the same.

Let me pass on a little advice - don't have a baby just to get an extension on your final exam. It doesn't make it any easier. I'm not sure, but I think the number would be in the mid 3 figure range as to how much I would pay to have already written my last final paper. Instead, I'm navigating the first week of my son's life by finishing up my final exam for "16th Century Lutheran and Reformed Confessions".

I'm enjoying the ecclesiology of the Reformed confessions, my chosen topic for the paper, and am especially enamored with the 2nd Helvetic Confession written primarily by Heinrich Bullinger but the truth be told, I wish I was done already.

Today we got the crib & dresser - set up the dresser, had the 2nd doctor's appointment which told us his weight is up to 5lbs 1oz - only 4oz below birthweight, 6 days after birth - not bad considering he was 4lbs 12oz Saturday...

Anyway, all that to say that I'm a devided man, and despite the fact that I'm a new dad, I still have school work to do, so I'm off to do it...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Home, safe and sound... asleep!

We're all home now, Bridgette, baby Brennan and I. We're scared, elated and exhausted. We're at the beginning of an incredible new journey.
Check out our Photo Album for more pictures of us and Brennan. Now, if I could just get that last Final Paper done, I'll be able to sleep...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brennan Micah Coleman

Born: 1/11/06, 8:10pm

5lbs 5oz.

18.5 inches long

Both baby and new mommy are doing well.

Thank you for your prayers!

Our lives will never be the same...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Heading to the Hospital...

First time... only time?

I'll try and keep you posted

Uh oh... Stop your laughing!

Ok, here's the deal. I handed in my Systematic Theology Exam today - Tuesday. It was a take-home final, 3000 words. It was my 3rd of four Finals. The first two being 15 pages/4500 words or so. But now, with my fourth less than 48 hours away (2:30pm Thursday) OTHER things are happening, and I'm not talking about being sick.

The short version of the Long Story includes a horible night's sleep for Bridgette Sunday evening and a doctor's visit which included the words "3 centimetres dilated" in succession. Now, the Due Date is Friday, Feb. 4. Today is Tuesday, January 10. So this comingFriday marks 37 weeks, considered Full Term. And Here is a rundown of the last hour and a half:

10:25pm Contraction

10:31pm Contraction

10:37pm Contraction

10:47pm Contraction

10:55pm Contraction

11:02pm Contraction

11:14pm Contraction...

For those of you counting at home, those first couple were 6 minutes apart. They've spread themselves out a little further since then. Bridgette is in bed now and I'm sitting at the computer trying to get my head around this fourth and final paper. I may not sleep at all in the next 40 hours or so.

We'd appreciate your prayers, no doubt. We had not anticipated an early delivery, or at least not THIS early. We're hoping for at least another 10 days or so...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sick... in more ways than one!

So, not long after my family left, some good friends of ours came by and spent New Years with us. I preached on New Year's Day. Not bad. But two days after they left, and its hard to believe it was that long ago, it began...

Here's the run down of my life since New Year's Day.

Monday: I'm behind in my Church History Paper, so I work on it - but still not enough.

Tuesday: Finish Paper, begin preparation for TH457 - Missional Theology Paper.
No lunch, snack on chips & leftover Stuffing. Dinner is Chips & Chili-cheese dip... not feeling well - no more work for tonight.

Wednesday: Wake up feeling ill. Sit around until noon before I work on my paper. Getting behind. Feeling better - have dinner & dessert, work on paper... ouch! Go to bed feeling ill - abdominal pain.

Thursday: Wake up feeling REALLY BAD abdominal pain. Make extra sure to tell Bridgette I love her when I drop her off at work, in case I die driving home. Lie around until noon before I shower and work on my paper. Feel a LITTLE better... eat family "nuts 'n bolts" snack (chex mix thing) and some chips... go to work on paper after this "dinner" but feel bad.

Friday: Wake up feeling slightly better. Eat nothing for breakfast or lunch (again!) and by now I'm way behind but have at least started writing the paper. Should've finished a day ago. Dinner consists of crackers and english muffin with peanut butter. 3 hours later I return from trying to write my paper (750 words in 3 hours...) only to lie on my bed writhing around with EXCRUCIATING abdominal pain - Bridgette is worried.

Saturday: sleep in. Hand in Church History paper and finish Missional Theology - the paper stinks, but as long as I pass, I'm ok. I eat nothing all day - nothing. But after consulting a doctor and Bridgette, we go to the emergency room. I'm feeling better, but I haven't eaten anything either. I spend 6 hours in the ER - 4 X-rays and a CAT scan later - and I'm sent home. They can't find anything wrong. But if my pain returns, I'm to come right in... uhhh... ok. Oh yeah, and they refer me to a gastrointerolisgist (I know I spelled that wrong).

So today, Sunday, the day I had planned to REST and watch my Bengals devestate the Steelers... I spend writing 2 of 3 questions for my Systematic Theology Final Exam. Yeah, I still watched the football game - sad day.

This is how I've spent my last week. This is why no posts have found their way up. I just wish that my sleep this past week was as peaceful as that picture looks. Right now, after eating white rice, a few crackers and drinking apple juice, I'm feeling - weird but not sick. But how else should you feel after this week, having consumed less calories than a fashion model on a diet? But no abdominal pain right now and I hope that's the way it stays...