Monday, July 28, 2008

"More Ready Than You Realize"

I recently finished this book by Brian McLaren. I've been on a bit of an "evangelism" binge in reading - partly because our Presbytery has recognized that we've got a lot of dying churches and we need to somehow be intentional. I've also started realizing that while Liberty continues to "grow" (over 100 New Members joined from Sept '07 - June '08) - we are not particularly intentional about this either. We just happen to have a wonderful & unique building (Amish barn), a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel comfortable in jeans & a t-shirt, an amazing music program and wonderful children's education. These are great aspects, but there's not really a push (that I get any sense of) that the church is about reaching out and developing relationships with the world. I guess that's where I come in, as a pastor and all.

Anyway, I got reading this book partly because of that. And I loved it. It's easy to read - it follows a real conversation that Brian had with a young woman, mostly via e-mail, and how a "spiritual friendship" was created, fostered and where it lead for this woman. It also includes a Bible Study on Disciple-Making at the end. I'm hoping that I can find a group to re-read this with and possibly even do that study. One of the things I appreciate most about Brian, is that he makes me uncomfortable, makes me think - it's not all me agreeing with him (although there's a lot of that) - there's also times that makes me go "uhh..." and I think that's good. So, if you're up for a quick read (less than 200pgs, book is about as big as my hand) - I'd highly recommend this book...

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Anonymous said...

great book...have you ever heard of jim henderson and or his book "Evangelism Without Additives" (i think it used to be called "a.k.a. lost") (foreward by Mclaren)? valuable insight- another short book...really challenged my perspective and approach to evangelism