Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fast and Loose

A couple of recent observations:

1) Facebook is like school when the teacher steps out of the classroom for a moment - yeah, you can get some work done, but often times the obnoxious kids in the back of the room ruin it for everyone. I don't use it much at all because I hate all the junk that people send out - invitations to stupid things. Yeah, it was funny the first time, but seriously - be discriminate about who you invite to be on your "let's make the biggest tinfoil ball" group. Don't randomly hit "reply-all" to e-mails and don't invite all of your "friends" to join you in whatever new gadget you found on facebook.

2) Just when you think you've got something figured out...God throws you a curve ball. Bridgette remains "with child" - and if his movements last night as we lay in bed were any indication, she'll remain that way for a little while yet. Brennan came 3 and a half weeks early - Aidan is taking his sweet time. Which means our house has got to be Mr. Cleaned every night - good ol' nesting kickin' in!

3) Police are people like you & I... with badges. As I drove into the office today I was passed by a female Ohio State trooper (does it matter she was female? I dunno, but she was) - she was talking... on her cell phone! Now, unless you're in Brooklyn, Ohio, there's no laws here about driving under the influence of a telephone, but as a police officer? What happens if you see a felony in progress? Better yet, what happens when you miss seeing a felony in progress because you're distracted?

4) Sometimes you've just got to do it. And this goes for nearly everything in life, including, but not limited to blogging. Just throw crap up there to get the juices flowing. So, that's partly what this is about. That, and I didn't feel like digging deeply yet into the things I've been pondering lately - but I will, rest assured, I will...


Darren said...

The vast majority of cops I see anymore are on their cell phones. Go figure. And I've also heard that they're trying to pass the "no cell phones while driving" law for all of Ohio.

Oddly enough, the cell phone companies lobby pretty hard for that. Cause then you gotta buy even more stuff from them so you can have a hands-free system and not break the law.

The Carlson Chronicles said...

As the wife of a State Trooper, I do have to stick up for them and say that SOMETIMES (now, not always) they are using their phones to talk to people back at the station...or to contact a complaintant (is that a word?). Although--I do think it quite contradictory that they can pull people over for talking on their cell phones (at least in NY).

Besides...when their wives are 9 months pregnant...carrying a cell phone and answering every call from home is necessary!! :) I'm just sayin'!!

Don said...

Kate - great point - and I hope YOUR husband has his cell on at all times too.

It's that whole contradictory nature that I always wonder about with positions of authority - as long as we're all on an even playing field. Hopefully those same breaks apply for those of us lowly folk too!

David Hallgren said...

illegal in Washington State. Even for troopers. Talking on your cell phone is equivalent to driving .12 Blood Alcohol Content! You have quicker reaction time, mentally, drunk than engrossed in your phone call. This does not even take into consideration the physical impediment to holding your phone, your coffee and trying maneuver the steering wheel.