Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who is worse?

Today we hit Sea World during our little vacation in Orlando. Brennan was a little tentative for the first couple shows - which included Elmo and dolphins & birds, but the third show we saw - Shamu, he was digging big time. In fact, he made a huge fuss when it was over and we had to leave. Which was also part of the problem. Because it seemed like everyone in the entire state was taking highway 4 East into Orlando when we left the park. And that led to the above, well kinda.

The picture is thanks to A Driver's Journal, but it depicted quite well what happened. All of the sudden, with a little over a mile to go before our exit and traffic at a stand-still of 3 lanes, I saw some nut go screaming by me on the right - the shoulder. That was followed intermittently by a number of cars, probably 30-40 in all, using the shoulder as their private passing lane. I knew it was wrong, so I wouldn't do it. But inside I seethed as each new car cruised by me doing 45mph while I crawled at maybe 5mph. I kinda got out once or twice to attempt to block their path. Once, I actually got honked at, and Bridgette didn't want me out there because she was concerned about getting hit - it wasn't worth it.

So, my question is this - was their breaking the law worse than my anger and feeling like I needed to stop them? I still think they were dead wrong. And I'm still frustrated about it as I sit here and type - they actually had to get back into the lane at the exit when they ran out of shoulder. But, I mean, should I have really gotten that bent out of shape about something that someone else was doing? I know it infringed on me a bit, but it was probably more theoretical infringement than real. I was more offended that they were doing something I wasn't willing to do and getting away with it. When it gets right down to it, I recognize that there remains a huge log in my eye, which gets right back to what I was thinking about earlier in the evening during the whole Believe Shamu show at Sea World. They talked about all of us being family and one world and peace and stuff and also did a tribute to the Armed Forces who protect our right to keep people out of our stuff - keep us safe from the "bad guys." Jesus said we're all sinners, and when we figure that out we can get on with our lives. Although I can intellectually assent to that, I'm kinda stuck not being able to live it out...


Higgins said...


I can see it on the shelves in book stores now:


I'd buy it. I need some serious help in that department, particularly when it comes to shouting "jerk" or "idiot" at the person driving in a manner disagreeable to me (but who obviously cannot hear me).

Don said...

Yeah, you have to really be careful when you get a kid. Brennan just said "stupid" for the first time today - while we were in the car. It's better than some 4-letter words he could be saying, but still not acceptable for 2 year old. I'm going to start saying "silly" an awful lot.

cardan27 said...

Dear Don,
Hi, Don!!! I have not spoken with you guys in eons. I have left a message on the blogs before but... Can you send me your working e-mail address so I can write to Bridgette!? Congratulations on your impending arrival. Brennan a big brother... AAAWWW.
Carol & Family in the Cuse'

Anonymous said...

Dear Don,
Congratulations Daddy! Brennan a big brother... AAAWWW!!! Can you send me your and Bridgette's working e-mail addresses? I miss you guys so much. So much has gone on since we all last spoke. Please give Bridgette my sincerest love and tell her to contact me when she is free to talk.
Carol & Family in the Cuse'