Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Let's hope that adults still can learn. I'm at an interesting place right now, that goes beyond the "big picture" - new Associate Pastor in the throws of learning the ropes and all - and requires some learning on my part.

With this position at this Church, I have the opportunity in many ways to construct the entire adult education model - nearly from scratch. Depending on where your leadership gifts lie, this could be either very exciting or extremely scary - I think I bounce back and forth regularly. At this point, I'm trying to discover all I can to put in place something that will work - not simply as a system that provides the necessary elements - but something that will work for the church in this place. And the VERY unique situation that Liberty is.

So, while I wrestle with it, I'm trying to do all I can to learn the needs (both real and felt) of the church, map out the pitfalls and mines (OSU football...) and discern where GOD is leading in all of this. Yeah, I probably shouldn't neglect THAT part of it. Which of course is a huge reminder to me. Because, if God does not build the house, the workers labour in vain. And no matter how good a plan looks on paper, if it's not got God behind it, it will NEVER be truly successful...

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jlee said...

There is no doubt that our TH 221 class is THE way to go on this one! Ruether, Gutierrez and the crowd should be the leading studies and then watch the Liberty flourish!