Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quick Observation - 200

We've been in Orlando for 4 days now and I've quickly come to a realization. Orlando is the kid version of Las Vegas - minus the gambling. Everything here is geared toward tourists - over-sized and colourful. It's crazy. In both of those places you can do so much without spending a dime, but there's so much other stuff that it's tough NOT to spend that money. Anyway, that's my observation. That's my 200th post ever. I'm not very deep and insightful on vacation - at least not on this one. Maybe the new year will change that...

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Higgins said...

Hi Don,

Sounds like your having fun! I had to laugh when you said Orlando is like Las Vegas... I tried to picture CSI Orlando.

BTW... I like the fact that you include the the lectionary and Bible on your blogspot.... I am going to add the same to my blog for convenience sake.