Monday, October 01, 2007


Ok, it's official, official. Yesterday, amid a houseful of family (8 adults a toddler & an infant, only 2 being US citizens... almost felt like a refugee family...) I had my installation sevice. I was installed as the Associate Pastor of Liberty Presbyterian Church. It was the final "step" in this whole process. Unlike being ordained, being installed will (hopefully) happen again when I take another call (down the road, no time soon) to be a pastor at another church. It's not quite as big a deal as ordination - but you still repeat all 11 vows and the church answers 3 of their own. It's pretty neat - and especially so when you are given a charge by another pastor.

I appreciated very much, everyone's participation in it and was so glad my family was there to witness it - and my mom won a prize at the ensuing Chicken BBQ! How cool is that!


jlee said...

Congrats Don! We are now both installed and "fully functioning" as pastors.

Now we must battle the constant pull toward mediocrity and viewing our role as professionals. Let's keep this calling fresh (like Barth's notion of being addressed moment-by-moment by God) and fulfill the calling that Christ has made on our lives.

Let's do it!

Forget Michigan!
Forget the NY Mets!
Forget the Bengals!
Forget the Red TEAM!

Let's do it!!!

Erik said... you get a raise then?

Don said...

Erik - HA HA HA!!!

Jeff - thanks, I need to be reminded of that.