Saturday, October 20, 2007

Go Bengals!?

Tomorrow is a big day. It ends with a VERY generous opportunity to go cheer on my beloved Bengals in Cincy - my first ever live NFL game. I'm psyched. I'm especially excited that there are like 40+ people going to be at this simple little "young family" potluck. I'm blown away at the response so far. I'm trying to figure out ways that we can minister to and connect this growing segment of our church. Being in the midst of it myself I realize that it might be the most difficult stage in life - you've got young kids who have schedules, aren't quite playing by all the rules yet and you're in the early to middle stage of your own career which means time and money are usually factors. Throw in the fact that you're probably disconnected from your extended family and many of your college friends. The need is definitely there. Now to figure out how to minister in the midst of it. Maybe my sermon will be helpful - I'll upload it in the next couple days in case you're bored...

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jlee said...

Congrats on the Bengals win! I saw the final score and I was relieved that they pulled it out.

Great news on the young families potluck too. You described the challenges of that age group well and you know them because you are living them (as I live them too). I'm looking forward to reading the sermon and hearing more about the potluck.

As for the other night, my phone was on vibrate but the UVA/Maryland game was blasting too loudly from the TV. I should have put the phone in my pocket. We'll catch it up this week.

I will be praying for your recovery from an intense week. I know that I struggled with burnout after a similar week recently. Keep pressing on!