Thursday, October 04, 2007

"I lovee"

Ok, so today was a particularly busy day. Thursdays always end up like that. It's my last kick at the can so to speak before Sunday, and I was cutting out early Thursday for an afternoon meeting. I don't like to go into the "office" on Friday (my "day off") or Saturday, provided I can help it. I try to create a "weekend" with these two back-to-back days off. It works most of the time, and with this weekend coming up, where I've got a wedding, and therefore a wedding rehearsal, there are a lot more things I have to have prepared, and a lot more opportunities to be back in the office - not how I like to spend Fridays and Saturdays.

Anyway, in light of that I thought it appropriate to remind myself and others of why we all need to take time away - and who it should be with. I hope you'll enjoy this as much as Brennan does...


Anonymous said...

hey roomie (don't know how to spell it),
so randomly, your face just popped into my head about 10 minutes ago, so i decided to google "Don Coleman" Princeton, and I found this blog. That's awesome, and kind of scary!!! Congrats on the kids, the graduation, the installation!!! i love the video you posted yesterday!!! Man it's been way to stinking long since i've seen you and your wife's beautiful faces!!!! i miss you a lot man!! We must catch up soon. Please give my love to your wife...I can't wait to meet your children. we must talk soon!!! love you,
Denis Johnson

Don said...

Denis - hey thanks! I've thought about you often and wondered how you're doing. My e-mail at the church is don[at]

Shoot me an e-mail with your # and I'll give you a call!

Love you too man!


becca said...

DON! denis just showed me around your blog! your son is too cute for words. i loved the french video! i hope things are going well for you and your beauty of a wife. miss you guys. VISIT SOON!

becca johnson