Friday, October 26, 2007

Brennan & Daddy time

While this picture was actually taken last weekend, it's a pretty accurate look at Brennan and me and our day today. No, we didn't hit up another corn maze, but we did spend a bunch of time together. I've owed him - and particularly Bridgette - a little bit over these past two crazy weeks. And I'm really glad we got to spend some time together. This morning we hit up the park together for an hour or so. He ran nearly the entire way there and back, which is a brisk walking pace for me. He tired himself out so much that he nearly fell asleep eating his lunch afterward.

When he finally woke up from his 2.5+ hr nap, we went outside and raked leaves. He loved just walking around the backyard while I raked it all. He toted around some of his outdoor toys (frisbees, baseball bat, etc) but particularly loved saying hi to our neighbour's dog Ginger and walking in the leaves. Then, I mowed most of the backyard (the part that actually grows) and Brennan did an excellent job of staying out of the way and staying near the pile of leaves.

After our outdoor activities ended, we came inside and I made dinner. The entire time, Bridgette was out and about. This would be unheard of a scant 6 months ago. I found it next to impossible to cook dinner or do virtually anything worthwhile around the house while I was home alone with Brennan if he wasn't napping. I'm amazed at how much more able he is to play on his own when he wants to be. This of course is not always the case - but at least there are times now. He's actually growing up - and I'm enjoying every minute of it...

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