Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm a Paleontologist!

So, I'm digging in the backyard today, trying to fix the sandbox mess that was left from the previous owners sandbox in the yard. I tried a bit last year, picked up most of it, but I ended up with a shallow volcano, with nearly no grass growing in the middle, and a nice little ridge surrounding it. Anyway, long story short, I'm digging and I find a dinosaur - a Brachiasaurus. Brennan was pretty excited - he couldn't wait for me to clean it up so he could play with it. He took it to his crib when he had a nap too. Too bad he seems to have misplaced it this evening. Yeah, it was a plastic toy Brachiasaurus, but how cool would it have been to find a real one, eh? Even just a bone...

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jlee said...

I had a similar experiencing while removing weeds from my front yard today. I didn't find any dinosaurs. I simply found a bunch of glass bottles and other assorted trash!!!

Last week flew by and I failed to follow up on our Monday phone call. Let's set up a phone call for this week.