Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fut-bol in Honduras

One of the things I spent the most time doing in Honduras was playing soccer, or fut-bol with the kids who came out to our clinics. For 5 days, I was leading our VBS - which didn't go too bad for our first foray. It certainly wouldn't be recognized as VBS here in the States - not flashy enough or with enough sit-down time. But I spent nearly all my time with the kids in some fashion - and soccer was a lot of that. It was interesting too - each community soccer time was different. Some was with wee little kids, some older, some was more organized into games, some was more simply kicking the ball around, some was nice and gentle, some was rough and injury-filled. But all-in all, it was pretty fun. Particularly, I remember this 3 year old boy Nathan, who only smiled when I took his picture and later said "smile" in Spanish. He had this horrible foot fungus that we were able to get medicine for - but he was a talented and determined kid who I remember watching back up a half-dozen paces and kick the snot out of a soccer ball, over and over again. When his mom came and took him away (on more than one occasion) he threw a fit - priceless...

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Erik said...

Some things transcend cultural difference, don't they? Fit-throwing seems to be among them.

Glad it was a good week Don. I pray you saw the activity of God's Spirit.