Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Hmm... I didn't eat my lunch"

It's my first day back in the office after a wonderful vacation - some of it relaxing, some if it rushed (getting in at 10pm after 8 hrs driving yesterday...) - it's nearly 3:15pm and I just realized that I hadn't eaten lunch yet. Something about 120+ e-mails, a lunchtime Starbucks meeting, a missed afternoon meeting and a backlog of conversations will do that to you. Some days you get a lot done, some days you wonder if you got anything done and days like today, you realize that soreness in your belly is because your lunch, lovingly packed by your beautiful wife, including an inspiring note, is still sitting in the fridge! Time to dine and dash..


Higgins said...

Hey Don,

Welcome back from vacation. Hope you're feeling nicely rested. Sorry I haven't got back to you - I haven't had two free hands lately (I wonder why that is?).

jlee said...

Dude, that happens to me EVERY DAY. I often convince myself to NOT eat lunch because I know it will make me tired. I then feel great until 3:20 PM and then I crash. It seems like a good idea at noon but it never is a good idea!