Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I feel like a Dad... and a man

So, I'll have to put the picture up eventually, but I'm pretty excited about what I accomplished on Memorial Day at home. I built Brennan a sandbox. And when I say built, I don't mean I went out and bought one of those gaudy plastic things and filled it with sand. No, I dug out nearly 1/2 of our garden (I did this a few weeks back) - kinda leveled it off, then screwed together 1x6's to plywood (all pressure treated of course), complete with 2x4 corner pieces for stability, dropped it in the hole and then proceeded to frame in a bench/deck around that between the edge of the sandbox and the edge of the garden (built by the previous owners of our house with 4x4's). At this point, I still have a little more of the decking/bench to cut & put in place, but Brennan likes it and a bunch of our neighborhood kids enjoyed playing in it Monday. Eventually we'll stain it too. But after "completing" this project and finally getting Brennan into it (he took awhile to actually go into it, but by Dinner he was pouring sand on his head, so I think he's liking it), I really felt like a Dad. I made something with my own two hands for my son, something that didn't come from Ikea or Babies'R Us and didn't have instructions or pre-drilled holes. Now maybe I can hang those pictures up in the kitchen for Bridgette & finish painting Aidan's room...

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Darren said...

It is satisfying to build something with your own two hands. Something that actually required you to do the designing, thinking and measuring.

Obviously I haven't made anything for our soon-to-be-born child, but we did do some work boxing in our stairs so the carpet people would have a nice wall to work with. And it turned out great (our basement TV room now actually looks like a room... it's sweet).

Truth be told, though, Liesel is the motivating force behind most of our home projects. I'm just the grunt.