Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who knew?

Tomorrow is Yankee Thanksgiving. While it's a little late for my Canadian blood (you have to cook frozen corn & green beans, pumpkin pie from a can and bruised apples for pies)there is the luxury of having the day after, Black Friday, off from work. 'Course, I work Sunday through Thursday which means that's no different from any other week for me.

Anyway, this US Thanksgiving will be a little different for me - now that we've moved to Ohio. At Liberty they have an actual Thanksgiving Day worship service. No, it's not long (30 min). It's actually held outside amid the fallen leaves, mulling cider in a cauldron that would fit in any rendition of Macbeth, and possible rain and hallowing winds of late November. Coming from Canada and presbyterian churches on both coasts, I'd never heard of such a service. But here in the heartland, and particularly at Liberty (where last Sunday we had a "Scottish Harvest" parade, led by bagpipers and a couple men in kilts)... well, it's kind of fitting.

So, while many are preparing turkeys and watching parades, I'll be worshipping and reading Lincoln's Thanksgiving Address at a special worship service. Which is where I'd rather be anyway - there are few things more boring than watching a parade on television...


Jennifer said...

Sounds like fun!

Yes, we want to go back to Texas! What else do you know about down there? I am not sure if youth ministry is where Kenny wants to be, but we'll see!

jlee said...

That's kinda crazy... Happy Thanksgiving Don.

I'm thankful for you as a friend and someone who has always been willing to go the extra mile (or kilometer) for me as a brother in Christ.

I'm finally coming out the fog a little bit after an intense 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to a few days of margin. I'll be praying that you get some time of recovery with your family this weekend as well.