Thursday, November 29, 2007


It crossed my mind last night, at a Session meeting of all places (isn't that where most profound theological insights are born?), that somewhere along the line we may have missed the mark with this word. Aside from "Holy cow" and all of the secular-profane-profanity misuses of the word, I think there are still other ways that we've missed them mark on what it means, so I'm setting up some time to do a little study into this. It could become a sermon or a study or simply some personal insight that I will hope will change my perspective on things. Either way, whatever comes of it will, in some form or another, end up on this blog. I already found Young's Bible Dictionary (thanks Greg!) to be pointing in the right direction...

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jlee said...

The "Holy" and "Holiness" is a term that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I'll be looking for your findings and insights.

I often wonder what people are really thinking when they sing a song in worship that says something like "holiness is what I long for..." Why and how would a person long for holiness?

I've been on a soapbox recently about the term 'saints' which is often the translation for 'holy ones'. You know that my missional mind automatically says that a 'holy one' is a person who is set aside for a purpose and the purpose is to be a witness - that is why Paul writes to shape and encourage the saints (holy ones).

Those are some random thoughts at 10:30 at night after I returned from a small group and I am preparing to lead a small group of leaders tomorrow morning (working 24 hours a day?)

We'll talk soon but until then let's keep commenting on blogs!