Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Overheard @ Panera

I'm not entirely sure about you, but it seems that Panera is overtaking Starbucks as the premier place to have a business meeting or simply sit, drink & eat and do some work. And I think it's completely attributable to the free wi-fi that they offer, while Starbucks has sold their soul to T-mobile. Anyway, I was over there last week for an aborted meeting and as I poured over a book and my coffee I heard a conversation between two men and their laptops. While this isn't verbatim, this is a rough recount of a key segment of their conversation:

Guy A - "Yeah, that sun is bright and it either gets my eyes or my screen."

Guy B - "I had to move onto this side because of that."

Guy A - "By the way, I found an attachment for my computer for my car that I was thinking of having put in, take a look."

Guy B - "Not bad, have you ever seen mine? I actually have it set up so I can have full use of my laptop & type while I'm driving..."

That was the point where I was like - "Huh?! Are they talking about what I THINK they're talking about?"

Have we gotten to the place in our society where we need to have fully functioning mobile offices? Man, if there's one thing we need to continue to encourage people to do is to somehow slow down their lives. Take a breather. How else are we ever going to experience God...


Anonymous said...

arrrgh, i would bet panera would overtake starbucks if one ever came here. thankfully we just got starbucks and target in the area just as we moved here or i'd really be going a little nutty.

actually, i haven't seen too many businesspeople at our starbucks but a mom's group meets there on weds...

it's a whole other world down here that's for sure.

that being said, if y'all need an escape from the winter blas, just let us know :-)

jess hb

jlee said...

panera is classic. i witnessed a ton of great moments like the one you described during my time at the nassua park shopping center one in princeton...

a laptop in a car is ridiculous without a doubt. i'd like to know how much time they think that they gain back from making that decision.