Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh Boy!

I've never lived in Ohio or Michigan before. I've visited both often over the years while living in NY, NJ, CA & in Canada. But I've never been quite this "close" to the BIG game. I have to admit, and it probably has more to do with OSU's loss last week than anything else, but I'm surprised at the lack of intensity I've seen. People have been so crazy about these Buckeyes, and there's some kind of counter that people keep leading up to this game around here - but it's almost as if it became some kind of afterthought. I dunno. But what I do know is that I'm going to be watching this game and hoping that I get to go to church Sunday with a little smirk on my face..

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!


thehbs said...

Well, there'll be no smirk on your face. Perhaps you'll have your tail between your legs, but definitely not a smirk.

The silver lining for you is that it looks like Lloyd Carr will be stepping down. I used to serve him coffee at Starbucks, so I'll be sad to see my brush with celebrity step aside, but it's time.

Don said...

Yes, it's time. Of course, all season long I've heard all the "he's such a great guy - always done things the right way" stuff, and I appreciate that. But I've never personally witnessed him actually get his team up for a big game.

'course we never had Maurice "pay-for-play" Clarret or Reggie "free-rent" Bush and those Michigan scandals happened on the hard court, not the gridiron...