Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Vallent-ICE Day!

Classes were cancelled today because of the weather. Which didn't make much of a difference for me because I don't have classes on Wednesdays anyway. But it did throw a kink into my plans to get to my internship, since the shuttle wouldn't be running either. But then I found out our internship meeting would also be cancelled.

So I'm home all day today, with a little boy who refuses to eat what he mowed down just two days earlier in favour of bananas, which he is also squashing between his fingers. It's an interesting time. He's so happy - but we just worry about whether he's eating enough. And of course he's woken up the last two nights at 1:30 & 2:30am respectively for what reason - we have no clue. And this is just in time for our little trek tomorrow up to Speculator, NY, where we'll be spending time with a dozen of our friends for the weekend. Brennan will be sleeping in his pack-n-play, not his crib. Which has sometimes proved problemmatic. At least he'll have his own room, 'cause the place is a compound, not a cabin. And of course, if you look at the picture, it is dead center of all that white - its expected to have 3ft of snow between yesterday and today. Provided we can arrive safely and Brennan sleeps, it's going to be a blast! We'll see...


Mr. Higs said...


You should check out the amount of snow I had to shovel. I posted a few pics on my blog... so much for a day a from school!

jlee said...

I never received the update on Brennan's sleep patterns up at Speculator. Did he sleep well? If not, then what was his frequency of waking up?