Friday, December 12, 2008

Utilizing your book shelf

The other day, Brennan dropped by my office. For the life of me I don't remember all of the details - but he ended up climbing into my bookshelf and I think he "pretended" to take a nap. When I came back to the office Wednesday after our staff Christmas potluck, that's exactly what I wanted to do - take a nap. Unfortunately, I'm a little big for that spot in my bookshelf. Funny thing about my bookshelf - it contains almost as many books that I haven't read as books that I have. I found myself getting into the habit a few months back of stocking up on books that I wanted to read, or others said I should read, but unable to keep up. I've even found myself "recommending" books with the caveat "I haven't read this, but others say it's great, so give it a read." I love to read, it's not that I don't enjoy it, but I find that I'm either too tired to be able to read in the evening, when I've got "time" - so I veg in front of the TV. Or, I end up reading "other" stuff (like or Detroit Free Press, etc). This only makes me realize that my bookshelf has become underutilized. I think it's time to take it back - not back to the store, but back from the brink...

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jlee said...

C'mon Coleman! Bring it on! Make a book list and start reading. Go the way of Newbigin and buy an alarm clock and start waking up 4 AM starting on Jan 1st! In all seriousness, I am in the same position and I am planning on creating an updated reading list for 2009 based on what is on my shelf and unread.

On another note, I will give you a call tomorrow (Sat) and we'll check in. The final few days of this week took off faster than I had anticipated. I'll give you some details when we talk.