Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Time to be convinced - Twitter

Ok, if you're at all checking in or following my blog here, you've probably noticed I haven't had much to post - not quite on a regular basis over the past month. There are many reasons for that. In some ways, I feel like my life's gone a bit faster these past couple months - the addition of a second little guy certainly has helped that along. But in addition to that, I was recently turned on to Twitter. The brilliance of Twitter is that it allows you to send out 140 character text messages to anyone and everyone who's interested in following you. You, in turn, can hear from anyone and everyone that you'd like to receive updates from. You can do it via the web, you can have it update directly to your phone - like Twitterific, the iPhone/iPod touch application.

My friend Rhett blogged about it recently - here - and he referenced this great video, that is really the answer to "so, why should I Twitter" - check it out here:

For me, it's about time. I can send out a tweet in about a minute. It doesn't have to have an enormous amount of significance, it can be simple. I can post pictures of things that are happening, and I can see what's going on with friends who live far away. I can also get updates from Sports Teams I'm a fan of, or News from networks, or even follow Famous People that are down to earth & funny. Certainly there are tons of other reasons - like you can set it to update your Facebook profile at the same time, but when it gets right down to it - I like to know what my friends are up to and share with them what's up with me. So, if this sounds interesting, sign up and let me know - I'd love to know what you're doing...

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