Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Fun

This past weekend, Brennan and I met up with my Dad in Detroit. We drove, he took a bus - it's almost equal distance between the two of us - and we saw two Tigers games. It was a ton of fun. Brennan did remarkably well for a two year old. Yes, he did ask to "go home" on a number of occasions, but he also cheered and interacted with other fans and generally had a great time. It helped that he rode a merri-go-round, ate pizza and ice cream, got a couple of toys from grampa (a tiger & car) and got to do some colouring at the game. All-in-all, a great time. 2 games in less than 24 hours - 7:05pm game Friday & 3:55pm game Saturday with a hotel stay in between. Not a bad way to spend a Father's day weekend...

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