Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back from the brink

This past weekend we were in Colorado (Fort Collins), where a good friend of Bridgette's and mine got married. I was invited to officiate the wedding, which was fun. We, along with 3 other couples, shared a house up in the mountains, 3.7 miles from a paved road, no local phone, no television, no internet access... and no kids. It was wonderful, and it was sad. It was sad to say goodbye to good friends who you haven't seen in awhile, sad to share painful memories and experiences, but particularly sad for me by the end, because I missed my son.

We got in late last night, too late to pick Brennan up from Papa & Sandy's, where he'd stayed while we were gone (they took AMAZING care of him). So this morning, I went to the office & Bridgette drove 90 minutes to pick him up. Then, I headed to a lunch meeting... and Bridgette brought Brennan to see me. I was so excited to see him, and this time (unlike when I got back from Honduras) - as soon as he saw me, he was excited to see me too!

If I get this excited when I see my son, after not seeing him for nearly a week, how much more does our Heavenly Father get excited when we connect with Him after it's been awhile? That image of the Father, seeing his son way down the road, running to him, hugging & kissing him is pretty poignant for me. Now, I've just got to take that and live out that realization of God's amazing love. Parenting is indeed a window into the heart of God...


Lars Rood said...

Hey man- That far from phones, internet and tv sounds great. Hey I met Andrew Zirsky (killed that last name I know) and he spoke highly of you. I was out at Princeton for a think tank he was a part of. Good guy

Brad & Jenn said...


Missing the kids was hard!! I actually missed all of you when we got back home! So great to see you and Bridgette!!