Friday, May 04, 2007


"Mawwiage is what bwings us twogetha twoday..."

I'm sitting here in the CN Center. It's 2:24 AM. I'm just over halfway through my paper on Marriage for my class on Marriage, Family & the Christian community. I got through the Dark Night and now I just need to write this paper, and finish up my Independent Study on Karl Barth's Doctrine of Vocation, and I'll be home free. I'm a little tired, but I think I'm going to persevere and punch this one out before I go home and sleep. We're having college friends down/up for the weekend and I'll only have Sunday night to work after they leave, which I'd reserved for finishing Barth, which would make for a horrific night and very stressful. Better to stay up late/early tonight and create a little wiggle room than leave it to the TOTAL last minute, am I right?

I've got to say, writing about marriage has always been a particular joy of mine. I actually wrote a paper for my Barth class last semester on his understanding of marriage. I'm using the notes for that to help me with this paper which is a nice bonus. I also wrote on Paul's view of women, particularly looking at the marriage texts, back in College. Maybe someday I'll do a hack job of a book on the subject, not that anyone would really want to read much of what I'd have to say on marriage - mine is ok, but most of the time I'm a real A$$ to Bridgette. Somehow she loves me anyway. If I could just get to that point of practicing everything I believe about marriage, maybe I'd be able to write something, 'course that didn't keep Barth from writing.

By the way, this week there was the annual Princeton Youth Forum held here at PTS. I attended it as a requirement for one of my classes. It was really interesting, being back in that environment, thinking & talking about youth, while I was still a student and finishing up my degree and yet knowing I won't be doing youth, not specifically, when I graduate...

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