Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dark Night of Finishing Seminary

The first photo on the left is the picture I took Thursday, April 26 - my last official day of classes at Princeton Theological Seminary. I ended my seminary experience in a rather interesting way. Instead of attending my final class, I ditched it to go to the final meeting of a class by both my favourite professor at PTS and a class that had a number of my friends in it. I decided simply that if I'm going out, I'm going out on top. I can safely say that everyone who goes to PTS should take a class from Dr. Darrell Guder. The stuff he's talking about, missional theology, Lesslie Newbigin, Karl Barth, are the things we need to be talking about plain and simple. And that is the first photo on the left.

The second photo on the left is a photo I just took now. Now I am writing a paper on St. John of the Cross Dark Night of the Soul in which I am experiencing my own little Dark Night. Simply put, I have 5 days left before all my work is due. This paper was supposed to be done (for me) a couple days ago so that I could spend this week focusing on another paper which is due May 7, our due date for final work as graduating seniors - don't get me started on that whole thing. But of course there have been a ton of important things, and some distractions, which have arisen and I have not gotten what I wanted completed completed when I wanted it to be. This weekend too, we're hosting two couples and their baby/toddler sons, friends from college. I promised Bridgette I'd be fully present with them during the weekend, which means I may need to pull an all-nighter in here somewhere - not my favourite things to do. But I just HATE reading & writing about this. I wish I'd chosen something else, but it's too late now. I'm stuck with it. I'd much rather finish up my Missional Karl Barth Independant Study or write my Marriage & Family Paper. However, I'm stuck writing this - arrgghhh.

As for you who are wondering about what's going on next year with me, you'll have to stay tuned. I'll feel better about announcing stuff to the world in a few weeks, once we have something officially to announce. I'll probably post something around May 14 or so and further details again a couple weeks later, the week after graduation. Sorry to be cryptic, but if you're that interested, call or e-mail me. But I probably won't pick up tonight...

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