Saturday, March 17, 2007


I do not deny Global Warming, but I'm having a hard time recgifying the "this is the warmest winter on record" with the fact that on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, the only green I'm seeing is on my wife's sweater. Thursday evening through Friday night we were pelted here in Princeton with rain, freezing rain, sleet and finally snow. I distinctly remember some winter's in the frozen tundra that is Canada, where I was practicing track in 80 degree heat during our "March break." Yeah, we did hit 80 once so far in March, for about 3 hours. But the weather before, since and in the forcast is 40's. Conserve the environment? Absolutley. But let's be careful about describing everything as the blankest - EVER.

That's my brief commnet for the day, that and to show off Brennan in "his" snowsuit, and the 10 minutes we were outside, while he simply stood there, not wanting to walk at all, after which I asked him "do you want to take a nap?" His response?


I kid you not, the funniest kid. He cracks me up more than I can imagine! Everyone should be so blessed...


jlee said...

Brennan is the funniest kid - EVER. :)

He put on a show at the Princeton Diner last week. You definitely have a great son who is going to bring a lot of joy in the years to come.

I couldn't move this morning when I tried to wake up. I didn't want to miss our prayer gathering but it happened. Donuts will be coming!

Mr. Higs said...

Ya... I will retract my comments about global warming.... I was wrong... it's really COLD up here in Canada! I've been using lots styrofoam cups to bring about more climate change...(I'm kidding). Do you remember when McDonalds served your burger in those styrofoam boxes! What in the world were they thinking!