Monday, January 30, 2006

Tired But Spurred On...

Uh... yeah, this seems to be a theme, eh? Well, that's the way I'm feeling. Less than 3 weeks into this adventure and I feel like I'm constantly tired. Brennan sleeps pretty well when he lays on me, but that means I can't do anything. It's hard to type with one hand (but I'm learning) and as he rests on me, I end up falling asleep. Which fits because I don't get more than an hour (or two if I'm lucky) at a time at night.

But, as I checked out my former colleage and friend Rhett Smith's Blog the other day, I realize he's realigned some things so he's linked me as a "Theological Voice." Whoa! That's a lot of pressure. As I look at what I've written about, it's hardly been theological. But I know that's where I've wanted to take it. I'm here at Princeton Seminary and as my friend Jeff puts it "theologically drunk" I sometimes actually find it hard to put those thoughts down. But I'm trying. And there's been so much that I've been thinking about from last semester. So, spurned on by Rhett and those others around me at seminary, I'll try to jack myself up on enough coffee to make this blog a truly theological work...


theonegoing said...

Keep drinking!

Drink in life!
Drink in family time!
Drink in theological ideas!
Drink in the moment!

Keep drinking!

Rhett Smith said... do you find time to study.