Monday, January 23, 2006

All Done... now to begin again

A couple hours ago, I finished my TH330 - Lutheran and Reformed Confessions of the 16th Century, Final Paper. It's about 22 pages - whoa! And, given no restraint on length or time, I probably could've written a 40 page paper - quite easily. I had that much stuff. As it was, I only used about half my notes.

Anyway, it's done. I hand it in Monday, the first day of Spring classes. But I don't have Monday classes this semester (assuming I don't change schedules... and I sure don't WANT to).

So, I'll put together the appropriate changes for the blog shortly, when I get a free moment...

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theonegoing said...

yeah, take a deep breath and then start all over again. the newbigin class should get you fired up. hey, you didn't spelled lesslie with one 's' in your spring semester class list on your blog. you better watch out or john flett may come and shut down your site!