Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where do I need to go?

So, I'm reading Oswald Chambers for today over at My Utmost for His Highest the daily devotionals, and his last line is this:

The greatest spiritual crisis comes when a person has to move a little farther on in his faith than the beliefs he has already accepted.

So, I'm thinking to myself: "this is dangerous." In fact, this could be the most dangerous theological statement ever penned. I mean, that's worse than simply saying "we haven't got it figured out yet." It's like, you're never going to be comfortable. You're NEVER going to have it figured out.

Sometimes here at Princeton, I feel like I'm experiencing crises in this vein. I'm often thinking to myself "maybe I was wrong about this" or "maybe I need to rethink this, mabye God IS doing a new thing that I have to get on board with." I'll tell you, sometimes its scary because we're all part of little cliques (I'm not primarily speaking of Princeton, but religiously in general) and we need to believe certain things or we can't be accepted there. It's hard to be able to "move on" or to "grow" and it's sometimes unnerving to think that if you start to accept x,y,z or reject a,b,c then you'll no longer be accepted by those you had always felt akin to.

But I have to remember that when I read this, I have to sift through it, I have to read this statement both with ears to hear and with a critical eye. I have to be wise to hear not only the words of this man, but also the words of the Spirit. And having THOSE ears to hear, having THOSE eyes to see, knowing when is the time to "move on" and "grow" and when is the time to "stand firm", well those are the critical junctures, the true moments of crises. And discovering them, disciphering them, and growing in and through them, that's why I'm at seminary...


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