Monday, September 19, 2005

Day 1 of "Get Fit or Die"... in the books

So, I had this great plan. Since I've got a part-time job that requires me to be about 2 miles from campus roughly between the hours of 3-6pm M-F, and Bridgette can't be without the car every night of the week (she gets off work at 5pm and works @ GAP 6-10pm Mon & Wed... FOR NOW!) I thought - hey, I'll buy a bike. That way I can get to the job & back home without any hassles.

Now, buying the bike was somewhat of a story in and of itself. Not exactly the bike, but after buying the bike our car battery went... long story but suffice to say it was the WEIRDEST car battery story I have ever experienced and it took nearly 4 hours of my Saturday afternoon.

So, my master plan for Mondays involves this:
7:30am bike to campus (4 miles my friend Raymond take my school bag on the shuttle)
8:00am Hebrew Reading class
9:00am Work-out with 2 friends @ seminary gym
10:40am Theology 2 class
11:40am Church History - Time & Liturgical Year class
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Missional Theology with Darrel Guder (3 hr class)
4:40pm bike to job
6:00pm bike to campus field & intramural football practice
7:00pm bike back to campus, switch bag & back home

So... riding uphill to class in the morning takes more out of you than you'd think. Losing your keys makes you late for stuff. Loosening your brakes too much makes it hard to stop. And riding home in the dark, sans light, on a footpath with overhanging branches & joggers wearing BLACK... well, it's just asking for trouble.

But the day is done and tonight I have to read... a LOT. I'm very much looking forward to this Missional Theology class and another class which I've picked up & starts tomorrow (Reformed & Lutheran Confessions of the 16thC - McCormick) could be interesting. There's only 16 students (oh how I've longed for something like that) and it's a subject I know little to nothing about from a professor who is supposed to be one of the best @ Princeton. I can't go wrong, right?

Except for the fact I just found out I have a paper due Thursday on stuff I haven't begun to read yet... ah, Edumacation, gotta love it...


Juliabohemian said...

do a lot of people ride bikes in the city? Here is southern California, people run them over.

theonegoing said...

That day you listed makes me tired... In fact, I live most of that day with you.

Only listen if you want to this. Remember, you want to avoid the wilderness. A wilderness lacks water. Burning out involves fire removing water. Burning out = wilderness. Avoid burning out and you will avoid the wilderness.

My question to you is where are you getting living water in the midst of that day?

Again, that question is posed both to you and me...

Rhett Smith said...

yes...pastors tend to put on a little gerth/girth (sp?) around the waist..don't be that pastor.


Mr. Higgins said...

LOL... sorry, I gotta laugh, my friend. I'm just picturing you riding along with weak breaks through crowds of people. Glad I live in Waterloo... away from crazy bikers like you.