Friday, July 29, 2005

Blogging is work... right now

So far, having made a very minor committment to this blog, and blogging in general, I'm realizing this is something that could take up a ton of time. But, it is something that may, in the future, be both useful and necessary. I don't know. I've been reading a little bit, and, gleaming a little, but not really a lot on how to make this a successful endeavour. But I think I definitely need to do some more reading, some thinking and I guess, some writing. I'm a little happier with how this thing looks. Pictures make it a little better and green is good.

Until I can make this a real habit though, I guess just being random is ok. Maybe I'll start writing about something important, but that might detract from the aspect of not trying to be anything, again, I don't know. I just know that this COULD be good, this COULD be useful, and, and this could be sacrelige to many people, but this also could be an enormous waiste of time. Only time will tell...


clew said...

Hi Don,

If you keep writing, I'll keep reading :)

Best wishes ~

Kevin Cullis said...

Hi Don,

Keep writing, you'll find your voice someday. Just like anything else, keep on trying until it flows. I was just clicking on the "Next Blog" and found your blog which lead me to Rhett's which lead me to Bolsinger's. You'd be surprised how significant touch sometime somewhere affects others. Thanks for your short but developing blog.