Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ready, Set... GO!!

In North America, it's safe to say, the "New Year" doesn't begin January 1. The only thing that happens on that day, other than a whole lot of College Football being watched and the pitching of "old" calendars, is that people all of the sudden start back-dating charitable contributions so that they can pay less on their taxes. Nothing really NEW happens when the calendar flips in January. No, the true "New Year" in North America is a "rough" date, sometime in late August or early September, depending on your age and location. It coincides with starting, or returning to school. And that's what's happening here.

Last night, Bridgette & I attended the open-house/parent night at the Church's pre-school (Old Liberty Early Education Center). Today, Brennan has a 20min visit with Bridgette at the school. Tomorrow, he has his 1hour visit without Bridgette and Monday, he REALLY begins with his 2.5hr afternoon Pre-Kindergarten class, four days a week.

Whether you've got kids of your own, you're still in school, or you simply follow a college sports team that begins in the Fall, this time of year is when we "start" again. So, here goes for another "new" year!


The Rice's said...

I agree. As a teacher I have always considered my years by "the school year".

Anonymous said...

Hey guy. I didn't know you had a blog. I might've read more before now, as it is I caught up on your 2005 and will finish up at another time.

Name's Keith, you might remember me as Toxiceye, which is a callsign I use online that you accidently helped come up with at Disneyland, right before you lost your phone. Let's see, I should have a pic around here somewhere . . .

There I am, just in case you don't recall.

So I've read Bridgette's blog some, through Shirley's links, but I didn't read her links in turn, so now I'm playing 5-year catch up. So there. If you want to play too, or just have some time to blow and want your mind to jump out of your head and run away, you may do so at your leisure.