Monday, May 04, 2009


I've updated some of my reading list and within the next few weeks I should be able to make some reviews of the books. Finding time to put in this necessary reading is a key component to growing in this "line of work" - unfortunately, that's easier said than done. My bookshelf is littered with books I purchased thinking "ooh, I really should/want to read that book" - but haven't found/made the time to actually read them.

Well, things at the church of course begins to "slow" down during late Spring & the Summer - unless you're an Associate Pastor. Because I'm preaching 6 of the next 16 Sundays and I'll be in Honduras for a week in there as well (which means I'll probably "preach" 1-2 more times there too).

I'm curious - if there's anyone out there listening, how/where do you fit in time to read? Drop a line...

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Chris S. said...

Although I've not spent the time this year reading that I should, reading instead of TV is the answer for me.

Finished off 30 books last year, not spectacular but for a guy that didn't read a book through all of college (shhh, don't let the secret out!) it's pretty good :-)