Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm walking!

CWS CROP Hunger Walk banner
In exactly 1 month, I'm going to be taking a walk. I'll be one of hundreds in Delaware, one of thousands in Ohio and one of hundreds of thousands if not millions walking to raise awareness and money for local and global poverty. It's really simple - and something I actually hated to do as a kid. It involves asking people for money - they make pledges to you to walk. That money goes to the Organization - Church World Service and 75% goes overseas and 25% goes to a local program, in our case, it's called "People In Need" out of Delaware, Ohio.

I invite you to do one of two things. First, check out the organization, especially if you're not familiar. I first heard about it while I was in seminary back in NJ, but they've been around for decades, I just missed them.

Second, I invite you to support me - not me, but those who I'm walking for both locally and abroad. It can be done easily, online actually. Click on the picture or the link on the right and in a couple minutes, you could be helping the hungry. Feel free to give as little ($1) or as much ($???) as you want. But I hope you will seriously and prayerfully consider it. Even if it's just a dollar or two...

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