Monday, October 23, 2006

What's UP?!

Ok, so there are two main reasons - well 3 really, that this blog has been empty for the past 3 weeks:

1. I've been crazy busy, getting back into the groove of things, classes, chaplaincy, taking care of Brennan & our friends' daughter Denali...

2. Blogger has been sucking on and off lately. We've had a ton of problems loggin in & posting blogs - especially pictures...

3. But the biggest issue has been my Macbook - argghhh!!

Believe it or not, Apple is not perfect, and definitely not above criticism. My new Macbook caught the "Randomly Shutting Down" problem that I guess has been fairly common among the new Intel based Macs. I guess there's some issue and they need to replace the Heatsync - whatever that is. Anyway, after experiencing this shutting down at numerous inopportune times, I finally put the call into Apple and they eventually told me to send it in. So, I also didn't have it for nearly a week. Kinda hard to do anything online w-out a computer.

But I must say, once I finally got the box (which took about 5 days once it was "overnighted" by DHL) it was back in 4 days, not bad. And since then (Friday) it hasn't shut down once and I've gone back to using it the way I did before, not changed anything. So I can only assume that the problem's fixed.

As for the rest of my life right now - I'll find out today whether I passed my Ordination exams. I'll also stay up late tonight working on a paper for my "Kingdom of God" class - where I plan to look at the story of the Transfiguration in Matthew, Mark & Luke and see how the identity of Jesus affects the idea of the "Kingdom of God" or if it does. I've done some of the prelim work, but I doubt that I'll be finishing it tonight - which means that I'll have to fit it around Game 3 of the World Series which has been one of my major distractions (not that I need any new ones) but it's hard not to watch when MY TEAM (the Detroit Tigers) are playing in their first World Series since 1984 - when I happened to be 6, and honestly don't remember it at all. Probably 'cause it was smack dab in the middle of my parents splitting up for the second time - yeah, that might be bigger to a 6 year old than the World Series.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get back to this blog more regularly, now that I have the tools to do so again. I'll try and carve out some time AT LEAST once a week. I do have a bunch of things I've been wanting to write about, like my surprise trip to Canada, my friend Karl Barth and even my trip to a Hindu temple - not to mention the kickn' Flag Football team I'm playing on on Saturday mornings... go RED Team!

So, more to come later...

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