Thursday, August 24, 2006

Testing testing...

First of all - this better not be me in 12 hrs. In 12 hrs I better be pounding down coffee, grabbing my bag and heading to the shuttle to catch a ride to my Ordinaton exams. 9 hrs of exams spread (kinda) over 27 hrs with an additional exam in either Greek or Hebrew due 4 days later. Yes, I've come home from 2 wonderful weeks in Southern California to my own private IdaHell. I've spent this week taking care of Brennan and TRYING to bone up on my Reformed Theology, Worship & Polity... we'll soon (or not so soon, the grades won't come back 'til October) see if it's worked. I do think that no one can or should question the scencerity of someone's commitment to a denomination after willingly undergoing such rigors, especially when you have to pay $280 (that's WITH a discount) to do it.

Anyway, that's where I'm at - our new apt. still looks like a wreck and all the mess is doing nothing but adding to my stress. And you can only imagine how Bridgette must feel. By Wednesday night we'll be enjoying a ballgame in NY, watching my beloved Tigers whallop on the Yankees - and by then it should be all over but the cryin' - and I hope to be doing none of that...

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P.S. Brennan is getting sooo big