Wednesday, August 30, 2006

EXIT-gete This!

(You can't read it, but it says "THE END" have you ever read a non-fiction book that contains that - especially a schollarly work? ha!)

This photo pretty much describes the way I feel right now. I'm sitting in the CN Center - the PTS computer lab, and my 13page Exegesis Ordination Exam has just been sent to the printer. The time on the computer, as I type this, is 2:17am.

I've chosen Hosea over Luke to exegete (fancy term for interpreting, getting the meaning out of the text) the specific passage is 5:15-6:6. I chose it mainly because I'd done Hebrew more recently than Greek. But I'm no language guy, so demonstrating "a working knowledge of Hebrew" has been in the forefront of my mind as I've done this. I hope I have, but that will be up to two (possibly a third) grader to determine in October - which I'll hear back about October 23 (hopefully).

When I hand this in it will mark my final Ordination exam and a reminder that my "fate" is no longer in my own hands. If I pass all 4 exams, I may be able to be examined in February and begin the process of seeking a call to a PC(USA) church. If not, I will have to retake an exam (or more)in January, further pushing back that process. But in the end, if indeed this is God's call, then this will work out. I just need to trust that God works in all of these ways - in my mind as I study & take the exams, in committees and graders and communities that might seek to call me to serve them.

One thing I have found, and this I may write more on later, is that I have never felt more Presbyterian (or Reformed) than when I was writing these exams. It has confirmed in me God's call to this particular "league".

Now, as I head off to bed, I will be able to enjoy myself just a little more knowing that I've "exited" this little stage. I'm now looking forward to NYC and the Tigers game Wed night and of course Labour Day weekend in the Adirondacks. I think I've earned a little R & R...

By the way, this marks my 100th Post on this blog - here's to 100 more...

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Lars Rood said...

yea then you can help the denomination figure out what it believes