Thursday, July 13, 2006

"What kind of man will I be?"

The more time I spend with Brennan at home, the more I ponder those types of questions for him. I mean, what will he like, what will he dislike. What will he excel at, where will he fail? What will he do with his life? And what kind of man will he be?

I think that's the big one. I mean, whether he'll be a garbage man or a senator, it's all kind of moot. It matters so much more what KIND of man he will be. Will he be honest, trustworthy, hardworking and sincere? Those are the types of characteristics I hope to help him to learn (many in spite of me most likely).

Which leads me to another question I've been pondering lately - what kind of man will I be? I've got 1 more year here, more like 11 months and I know I'm not ready. I know I'm not ready yet to be a pastor, to serve others in that capacity. And instead of asking what subjects I want to learn about, I'm thinking more and more about the kind of man I want to be in a year, and therefore what kinds of things I need to be doing to become that man. Stuff like being more disciplined, listening better, caring more - the kind of stuff that falls under the heading of "submitting to the Lordship of Chirst"...

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Lars Rood said...

You'll be pretty