Monday, February 20, 2006

You must be Bjorn Again!

8 days ago Bridgette & I splurged (on gift cards) and purchased a Bjorn Active Baby Carrier from Babies'R'Us. For 2 days I couldn't get it off - not because it was too complicated but because it felt good and was so practical. Right now, I'm sitting at my "desk" typing this entry with Brennan in the carrier, asleep, and Bridgette out getting groceries. I think everyone is winning here.

Here's what the Baby Bjorn allows me to do:

1. Have Brennan close and safe which means he's not fussing.

2. Have MY hands free to type, turn pages, do dishes/laundry, etc.

3. Which means BRIDGETTE can leave, get out, get some fresh air, apart from Brennan (at least between feedings) and we all get what we need!

I'm not quite willing to say this is the best invention in the world... but for my life right now, it is absolutely a necessity. I'm glad we bought it and I'm glad that everyone can win. I wonder if anyone would notice if I brought him to class tomorrow...

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Juliabohemian said...

I remember when my first kid was that age I was thinking...I could totally wear this kid to the office and do my job. No one would notice.