Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Neglecting good people...

Ok, so here's the thing. I'm not all that smart. And I'm not all that creative and I'm surely not worth reading all that much... which is why there are lapses of days where nothing happens here. But that doesn't mean I'm not out there reading OTHER stuff by other smart and creative people. I realized the other day that my links need some editing because I've got some people that just need props and that I check out that other people need to as well.

So... I think I'll go ahead and give out some of those props. I'll also update my links page with their blogs.

Matt Millner was my preceptor, first semester Speech @ Princeton. Not only does he employ a sweet hairstyle and was more helpful than the prof (you can guess who I may have had) but he also was the 2nd person who I talked with about Susan Howatch. He's got a great blog and definitely worthy of checking out.

John Bucholtz and his wife Kitty are great friends of Bridgette & me from Los Angeles (via Michigan & Arizona) who are now in Australia. He's a mo-cap guy who's been honing his craft, picking up bit jobs here and there, waiting for his big break. And God blessed them with an amazing opportunity. They're truly cool people. I had the opportunity to work with John & Bel Air Presbyterian Church in the Junior High Ministry.

Drew Sams was a colleague of mine as well at Bel Air Presbyterian Church while he was an intern in the High School Ministry. He did so well that eventually he was invited to become the interm Director and a year later was offered the gig as High School Pastor at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village. He's a cool cat who is also in the midst of studying with some other very good people at Fuller Theological Seminary.

I'll be updating this list as time permits. In the meantime, as I'm called away to change diapers and other fun things, check them out...

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