Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sometimes... things get in the way

So, we're out buying our Christmas tree over the weekend, and I'm taking pictures of the event, especially of our friends' kids who look so cute all bundled up, holding saws and picking out trees. But Winston, the middle child, didn't want his picture taken. Here, I reached up over the top of a tree just to try and get his mug on film.

And really, that typifies my life in the past little while. I have some great ideas, some stuff I really want to do (like blog) and, something just gets in the way. I couldn't take a picture of Winston because the tree was in the way. I haven't been able to get all that I've wanted done because other chores have gotten in the way... and my own choices, I can't pretend that I'm some kind of victim here.

But, it's also a reflection spiritually. I realize that in the morning, when I used to force myself (at least 3-4 days out of 7) to read and reflect on Scripture, I've allowed "things" to get in the way. I've allowed myself to neglect this and I think I've paid a price. I believe my spiritual life has not been very well off lately, and it's because I've allowed things to get in the way. Had I really wanted to get that shot of Winston, I'm sure I could've made it happen. Had I really wanted to spend that time in prayer, with God, I could've made it happen. I need to be intentional about this, just as God was intentional about sending His Son to earth. It wasn't an accident, it didn't just happen. He planned it, He made it happen.

With 10 days left before Christmas, its high time I made time for the things that truly matter and not let anything get in the way...

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