Monday, November 07, 2005

Back from the Brink

Yes, I've been away. I've been in North Carolina (Winston-Salem) this past weekend and before that I've been simply away in mind and focus. This weekend was not only busy for the travel but busy because I had a 3000 word Midterm to write (take home of course) and another 1500 word essay, plus a sermon manuscript which I will preach tomorrow. All of these things are due to be handed in today. Which meant our little jaunt down South was less relaxing for me than it should have been.

Anyway, I'm going to get back on the horse shortly and write about something substantive. In the meantime, this evening Bridgette and I begin our 4 week parenting/birthing class at the hospital and I'll be preaching tomorrow in class. Lots of fun stuff. Hopefully, I'll raise my nightly sleep average above 5 soon...


Carol L. McGuire said...

Dear Don and Bridgette,
I miss you both so very much and I cannot believe how close we all are in seeing your beautiful baby(GIRL)!! HAHAHAHA!!! I love you guys so much and I am so very HAPPY for you two.

Mr. Higgins said...

Hey Don,

How about posting a picture of you and Bridgette again, now that the baby is even closer to coming. It has been forever since your peeps in Canada have seen you two (three). (smile)