Wednesday, August 05, 2009

God - resonating & reverberating

When was the last time you were talking with someone or maybe a few people, and as they spoke, the truth of their words resonated with you so deeply that the hair on the back of you neck stood up? When was the last time you experienced that jolt of excitement as your heart pounded and your breath caught because what was being said was exactly how you’d been feeling, or was exactly what you needed to hear, right in that moment? Maybe it was yesterday. Maybe it was last week. Maybe it’s been so long that you can barely remember. And maybe, just maybe you’ve never experienced that feeling – and yet you’ve longed for it.

These are some very special moments in our lives. And I am utterly convinced that it is the church, it is the body of believers that are called to cultivate the space so that these moments can happen. Because I honestly believe that these moments are often sacred moments, moments where the very hand of God is reaching out and touching us – the very Spirit of God is moving across our brow. These moments do not happen by chance. They happen when two or more people are engaged at a deep level, baring their souls, sharing with each other from the deepest regions of their hearts. Sometimes over coffee in a quaint & quiet shop, sometimes in a noisy classroom filled with friends and so many other places in between. They happen when we are intentional about seeking each other out, learning from each other, learning from God, and open to God’s presence and word to us.

I've certainly had my fair share of these moments - and some recently. Last night I lead our baptism counseling class - it was so awesome to talk about our continued participation in God's grace. Yesterday, I had coffee with a pastor and friend whose been a great encouragement and all of the sudden, something was said that brought clarity to a murky question - all God. We yearn for these moments, I yearn for these moments, and each one of them reminds me of why I am alive, and why I'm doing what I'm doing. My task, is to remove all of those things that so clutter my life, that I cannot have MORE of these moments...

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