Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting Back on the Horse

Every passing day makes doing this harder & harder - why? Not sure. Maybe it's because it feels like I need to put something awfully profound up here to be worthy of waiting over a month! But that's simply not true.

My reasons for such a prolonged absence are mostly due to my personal absence - I was away for 1 week in Honduras on a Medical Mission Trip, 1 week of Study Leave in North Carolina, then a big event at our Church which I helped organize - building the walls in 1 day & giving them to Habitat for Humanity for a local home, then Easter. By the time I lifted up my head, weeks had gone by & I hadn't posted, let alone looked at my blog. Ouch.

So, I'm getting back on the horse. There's tons of things that have been floating around in my brain lately - many of which have to do with faithfulness, fruitfulness & the ability to be present where we are, despite the challenges of an "always on" world - and especially how that happens in the context of Ministry. So, if you're looking for a substantial update, it will come soon. As for now, I'm just getting comfortably reacquainted with my saddle...

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Derus said...

See that's the problem. Getting back in the saddle is less about posting something good and more about writing ANYTHING. This comment, for example, is part of my reorientation to the blogging world. XD