Monday, March 02, 2009


I think I woke up and it was Lent. That whole "season of preparation" think seems to have caught me by surprise. Instead of attempting to prepare for Easter, I'm in the middle of preparations for a week in Honduras as part of a Medical Mission Team, a week away of Study Leave and a weekend event taking place on Palm Sunday where we'll build the walls of a Habitat House on our church property. Oh yeah, and then there's the 11 Adult Discipleship opportunities we're in the midst of launching as part of our "Forward in Discipleship" campaign.

Unfortunately, there's been a few things that have been pushed to the back of my life, or so it seems. One of those is blogging, another of those is my wife and family (although I seem to see them, just not exactly see them) and yeah, God is there but I'm having a hard time preparing for anything special with God. I'm hoping that once I get in the air things will change, unfortunately I've got 2 months worth of work (or so it feel) in these next 2 weeks before flying away March 15.

So, is it too late to give up something for Lent, like maybe all of my work? Seriously...

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