Sunday, November 09, 2008

Chef - not yet

We've been taking part in a class at Liberty with a dozen or so other younger couples based around the book Your Time-Starved Marriage, by Les & Leslie Parrot. Well, part of this final week's session was about making time during mealtimes - slowing it down and making time for you and your spouse together. So, Monday night I thought it would be a great idea to not only cook up Monday night's dinner, but to throw in a few things and make up spaghetti sauce in the slow-cooker for Tuesday night's dinner.

It's got to be said that I love to cook. And I used a ton of yummy things in the sauce including zucchini, mushrooms, black olives and ground beef. I don't usually use recipes when I cook - I see it more as an art, you throw things together, experiment as you go and have fun. Each time you get in the kitchen you come out with a new work of art.

Well, unfortunately, when we were ready to eat the sauce Tuesday night, the sauce that was slow-cooking for nearly 24hrs... well, it was awful. So awful in fact, that it still sits on our counter in the slow cooker. Yeah, I need to deal with it. But it just goes to show that I'm not quite ready to quit being a pastor and open my own restaurant. Truth is, I don't think I'd enjoy it either...


The Carlson Chronicles said...

So the advice I should give is this: "Don't quit your day job!". I'm sure Bridgette would appreciate that :). HA! Oh well--try and try again!

jlee said...

What was the suggestion from the book? Was the suggestion to cook meals together? Do they address the reality of screaming kids running around or do they expect your kids to sit quietly coloring books and reading poetry as you cook together??? :)