Saturday, July 14, 2007

Everything is New... well almost everything

Ok, so it's been a few weeks. We're in Ohio, I've started at the church. We finally have our internet & phone set up and I preach tomorrow for the first time since arriving. The learning curve has been steep, while the co-pastors have been great about attempting to give me no more on my plate than I can digest, it's not quite that easy. Truth is, I had four weeks from the time I hit the ground to prepare for their 4 week vacation, and my ordination service which is happening in LA on their last Sunday in OH before they leave. In that time I need to have a handle on things - to know enough about the history and uniqueness that is Liberty - essentially to keep from making any major mistakes. Easier said than done.

That has been my time in the last few weeks. Moving, transitioning, planning and very soon, preaching. About that sermon...

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