Friday, January 19, 2007

"Leaving, on a jet plane..."

In 3 hours we're set to head to the Philly airport & board a plane for LA. We'll be gone for 10 days, some of which will be spent in Big Bear at Bridgette's parent's timeshare, and of course some of it will be spent jumping through the hoops of the ordination process. I will be heading to the Pacific Presbytery meeting tomorrow morning and then on the 27th I will have my Final Assessment.

I've got mixed emotions about it - Final Assessment. When I was back a year and a half ago my home church had actually thought I was there for my Final Assessment and spent some time grilling me on theology & really built the experience up as if there was potential for difficulty. I guess they made someone cry once? I dunno. But everyone I know that has had their Final Assessment has had no problems and my liason has been a great encouragement. So, I'm kinda stuck in there going - "this could be a cake walk" but "this could also be brutal and they might not pass me." Realistically, it will probably be somewhere in between. I'm sure there will be some concerns about things I say in my Statement of Faith, questions about how I articulated something or something I didn't say. There probably will also be questions about my sermon, about my emphasis on X or my lack of pastoral sensativity... I dunno.

I'm concerned but not worried. When all is said and done, I'll take the same approach to about all the major things I've done in my life, from going to college at Roberts, to heading to LA, to going to Princeton and then about the Overseas possibility next year - I'll do what I can do, and let the other people & God sort out the rest. I know I can't make things happen on my own. I know I have limited abilities. Maybe, in this case, others will see that my abilities are just enough to warrant this. And if not... well, they're always hiring at In 'n Out...


Mr. Higs said...

Don, I can identify with what you're saying about your examination. When I went to 'defend' my theological statements for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada credentials I was sweating buckets. The meeting actually wasn't too bad and I felt I 'held my own pretty well'. In fact, there was a question put to me pertaining to the debatable 'once saved, always saved question'. They were holding to the position that one can fall away from faith in Christ and find themselves in hell one day. I debated their point and called for balance, insisting that God persues even the one sheep that strays off the path. It was kind of fun once I got into it. But I didn't press the point too much, cause I did want my credentials afterall :) Besides, sometimes our theology grows as we grow in Christ, so I didn't feel the need to be too sticky.

Well, have a good time in LA. Peace to you Bridgette and Brennan.

theonegoing said...

Welcome back to Jersey. You had a good trip to L.A. but now you are back for another (the last) semester!